NOTE: Covid19 guidelines for Lower Merion Parks are set by the Township under the guidance of county, state and federal regulations and/or guidelines. Friends of WMC Park is a volunteer group that is not responsible for formulation or enforcement of Covid19 guidelines. 

That said, however, we are getting numerous inquiries from Park users about coronavirus guidelines at the park. As of this writing (May 25, 2020) all Lower Merion Park trails, including West Mill Creek Park trails, are open.  The Township requires that 6 foot social distancing be observed.  In addition, the Township has posted signs on the entrance gate directing all residents to follow CDC and Department of Health guidelines, including such advice as to stay at home if you feel sick and to wash hands or use hand sanitizer frequently including before and after touching surfaces.  As all things Covid are subject to change, please check the Township website to make sure you have the most up to date information about public health rules and guidelines for the safe use of our parks.


Use of masks, while not currently mandatory, is helpful in a dog park in the event necessary control of your dog might take you within 6 feet of another person.

If, when you arrive, the park looks like it is getting too crowded to ensure proper social distancing, please take your dog for an on leash walk at another location.