Who’s a Member?

work dogIf you support our mission and sign up for our contact list, you are a Member of our Friends group, whether or not you currently have the time or resources to contribute further. We encourage everyone who can, however, to become an Active Member.

There are three ways you can become an Active Member:

  • Pitch in on our work days. These will be announced in the Events column of this website, and by direct email to our members.
  • Become a Contributing Member  with a donation of $25, $50, $100 (or more!)  to help us with the purchase of plants, seating, and other items needed to further our mission. Please send any donation to our Treasurer, Ellen Reese, 727 Stradone Rd, Bala Cynwyd PA 19004. Click this link for a donation form: WMC Contribution Form,  For a tax deductible contribution you may make your check payable to L.M. TOWNSHIP, FRIENDS OF WMC FUND.  We recommend that you check with your tax advisor to ensure the gift is tax deductible in your personal tax situation.  If the deduction is not an issue for you, please make your check payable to FRIENDS OF WMC PARK  (your donation directly to our group is not currently tax deductible).  
  • Join one of our Steering Committee members with a specific field of endeavor. Ellen Reese and Ellen Briggs (Gardening Committee Co-Chairs) are always looking for dedicated gardeners to help with the ongoing maintenance of the wildlife garden, and other Steering Committee members will advise the membership of any other projects as they arise. And of course, please give us your ideas and suggestions. You can use the Contact Us form on this website, or just grab one of us at the park.  We welcome the interest and involvement of all our members!