Santa Paws is Coming to Town

Santa Paws has a special place in his heart for the dogs of West Mill Creek Park — so once again this he will visit for a photo op with your dog.  There will be a biscuit for each good dog and hot cocoa and treats for their humans.  This is a fundraiser for the Pennsylvania SPCA–all donations  go to this excellent organization to help the less fortunate dogs in our community.

Howl-o-ween Block Party

Bring your dog in costume to the park — great photo op and chance to admire all our park dogs’ creativity and Halloween spirit!  There will be hot spiced cider and cookies for the humans, and a treat for each costumed dog as well!

Fall Planting Day

Please join us for our annual Fall planting day!  The fabulous Lower Merion Parks crew will plant trees and shrubs that we have purchased with member donations, while our volunteers weed and plant perennials.  All plantings are designed to enhance park ecology and beauty — as well as lessen the amount of mud we have to contend with.  Bring work gloves and a trowel if you have one (we do have extras if you forget).  Light refreshments will be provided.

Knotweed Day 2019

Japanese Knotweed

Please join us in the battle against invasive Japanese Knotweed!  Our battle plan consists of cutting down the plant at ground level, loading it onto tarps or into a dumpster provided by the Township.  Long sleeves, long pants and work-ready shoes are a MUST.  Water and Kind bars will be provided.

Spring Planting Day

Join us to help plant  perennials at the Park!  Bring work gloves and a trowel if you have one, and come and go as you please.  Water and Kind Bars will be provided.

Wood Chip Work Day

Calling all volunteers to help us renew the wood chip path in the Wildlife Garden at the park entrance.  All we need to do is fill wheelbarrows from the wood chip pile near the lower gate and spread them along the path to make a nice, springy, water-absorbing trail.  No gardening knowledge required this time!  Come and go as you please — every barrow-full helps!

Sixth Annual Meeting

We’ll have a quick recap of projects completed in 2018, plans for 2019, and thank yous to our volunteers–then on to our speaker, Marsha Perelman, who give a presentation entitiled  “Beyond Shelters.”   Marsha is a nationally known animal welfare advocate and will talk to us about current legal and other creative efforts to  improve the lives of dogs and other companion animals.  Refreshments and a chance to chat with your fellow dog park friends will follow.  Please join us!

2018 Volunteers

In 2018 we held a total of 7 official work days – three dedicated to planting and maintenance, and 4 to cutting down our ever-persistent crop of invasive Japanese Knotweed.  Many, many thanks to our 14 wonderful volunteers, Judy Argon, Karen Barsotti, Ellen Briggs, Helen Chen, Art Gold, Karen Hinckley, Gary Kingaffer, June Lauer, Orsi Lazar, Linda Pitt, Ellen Reese, Mary Ann Sheldon, Christel Urmenhazi, and Helene Feinberg Walker who donated a total of 84 hours to our ongoing efforts to keep our park green and growing!  We should also note that, in addition to our official work days, ad hoc volunteers donated many additional but uncounted hours to general upkeep and maintenance (mostly weeding and invasive removal).   An additional thank you to you unsung heroes!  And last but not least, Matt Berk, Rich Cutshall, and Gary Stein have consistently been there to help with skilled projects such as gate latch repairs and affixing signage

2017 Volunteers

Some of the volunteers at October 2017 work day

In 2017

In 2017, our volunteers once again surpassed expectation.  During the year, we held 10 formal pre-announced work days.  Our work included:

  • Wildlife and Respite Garden maintenance 
  • Control of  Japanese Knotweed, an invasive plant that threatens the park’s ecological health
  • Planting new native shrubs in the low lying areas of the park in an effort to reduce mud

Seventeen of our members participated in these work days.  Including additional help from several young people fulfilling community service requirements, we logged a total of 134 volunteer work hours for the year!   Thanks a million to member volunteers Judy and Yair Argon, Ellen Briggs, Paula Burns, David and Tal Coren, Rich Cutshall, Michelle Detwiler, Pinkie Hamilton, Karen Hinckley, Tessa Lamont Siegel, June Lauer, Max Perelman, Linda Pitt, Ellen Reese, Cary Sellers, and Elaine Stern for all their hard work.  We also had a number of non-official work days so our actual volunteer work hours probably total around 160.