Bad News, Good News

Bad news first:  As some of you know, a few days ago in the early afternoon, thieves smashed the window of a car parked in our Friends of WMC parking lot and stole a purse and cellphone.  So, do be careful!  (The advice of our police department is:  if you must bring valuables to the park, try to take them with you or keep them out of sight.)

Now for some happier news:

Newly planted bog hedge, April 2017

WMC volunteers began work on our plan  to plant bog-loving shrubs in or around low-lying areas in the main park.  If the new plants thrive we will reduce our muddy-dog quotient while improving the park ecology.   Our first set of shrubs (pussywillow, itea virginica, and summersweet) is planted around the notable mud hole near the long boardwalk.   Please wish our new shrubs health and long life,  and do try to steer your dogs away from them while they are getting established if you can!

Judy, Ellen R, Ellen B, and Karen H with canine supervisors Brodie and Lizzie

In addition, our April 15 Wildlife and Respite Garden work day resulted in major gains in our battle against the weeds — also a lot of fun.  Later we planted a large number of Black Eyed Susans to brighten up the Wildlife Garden in midsummer.