More News from the Wildlife and Respite Garden–June 29, 2014


June 2014--Chris Bushnell with his new creation

June 2014–Chris Bushnell with his new creation

Kudos to our hardworking volunteers for all the work done on the Wildlife and Respite Garden—it just goes to show that dog people are the greatest! 

The following people have participated in one or more of the eleven official work days we have had this year: Dan Barry, Ellen Briggs, Paula Burns, Chris Bushnell, Jill Cooper, David Dutwin , Aidan Dutwin, Elias Dutwin, Mary Field, Karen Garbeil, Karen Hinckley, Tessa Lamont, Martha Lombardo , Debby Merker, Hazel Murphy, Ellen Reese, and Toba Spector.

During those official work days, our volunteers have contributed a total of 98 volunteer hours on our garden project, and I think everyone will agree that we have accomplished a lot in those hours.

In addition to the official work days, a number of people have lent a hand doing a variety of tasks such as transplanting daffodils, carrying logs, unstaking trees that no longer needed the stakes in the riparian area, or bringing newspaper and cardboard to the stockpile we built up over the winter to prepare for the garden project (thanks especially to Elaine Stern for the mountains of cardboard she schlepped to the park). And let’s not forget the latest contribution: master craftsman Chris Bushnell just built us a very handsome compost bin using pallets donated by the Tired Hands brewery. It has beautiful hinged doors, is expertly leveled, and will give us plentiful space for compost production. Thanks Chris (and Took, who waited patiently for hours while Chris worked on this project).

As always, thanks to Jamie Markizon for hosting and providing tech support for our website.  Click on the Gallery tab at the top of the page to see some pictures. p.s There are so many people who have helped us that I am certain to have left some of you out. This is not a lack of gratitude, just a spotty memory and/or lack of recordkeeping. Please let me know if I’ve unintentionally omitted you and I’ll correct the record!