Report on May 24-25 Work Days

In spite of the short notice and the holiday weekend, 10 brave volunteers donated 28 hours of hard labor in our soon-to-be Wildlife and Respite Garden.  Most of the work consisted in:

  • digging out the roots of an invasive alien vine, Porcelain Berry, with pickaxes and shovels.  (That’s Ampelopsis brevipedunculata  for all you botanical Latin fans.)
  • sifting parking lot gravel out of the soil and returning same to the parking lot
  • removing rocks and hunks of asphalt from the garden 

We are proud to report that we have 13 large black contractor bags filled with weeds (mostly porcelain berry roots) waiting to be picked up as trash.

In addition, we signed up 6 new members bringing our total membership to 94 people, and collected $18 in cash donations.

These 2 official work days were preceded by several unofficial work days at which additional volunteers donated their time and expertise transplanting daffodils, unstaking trees in the riparian buffer, and beginning the very challenging weeding process in the garden area.

THANKS A MILLION to all our volunteers, you are the greatest!!