January 2016 Member Survey Results

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Q#1:  Should a gate be installed on the entrance path between the parking lot and the main park?

Strongly agree:  65.71%

Agree:  14.29%

Neutral:  17.14%

Disagree:  2.86%

Strongly Disagree:  0.00%

Q#2:  Would you be willing to donate to finance construction of the gate described in Q#1?

77% of respondents (27 people) said Yes.

Q#3:  Should fencing be installed on the far side of the creek near East Old Gulph Road to deter dogs from running onto the road?

Strongly agree:  48.57%

Agree:  11.43%

Neutral:  31.43%

Disagree:  2.86%

Strongly Disagree:  5.71%

Q#4:  Would you be willing to donate to finance construction of the fence described in Q#3?

53% of respondents (18 people) said Yes.

Q#5 :  Are there any other important projects you would like Friends of WMC to pursue?

  • maybe another picnic table or several more benches along the walkways
  • The recent drainage project is working well. Other areas of the path still flood, so these areas need a fix too. Kudos to Ellen x 2, Jill and all else. There are some brick blocks next to the parking lot trash can that need to be hauled off.
  • Drainage continues to be an issue. The large puddle by the creek that is as big as a lake needs to be filled in.
  • Drainage issues, hose to wash down dogs prior to getting into car
  • Build up the walkway on the lower side of the part where it floods all the time.
  • Drainage project expanded to include the two swamp areas and netting along the post and rail fences along the entry path
  • Fill in black mud pond by wooden walk by old Gulph. Dogs wade in it and become black-filthy.
  • Let’s get rid of the pond.
  • more small rock/ sand for dry walking paths
  • continue the work of addressing the persistently muddy areas of the paths

Q#6   Do you have any other comments, thoughts, suggestions?

  • This is very important; thank you!
  • Glad we have you caring and taking action on our park! Many thanks!
  • Safety at the intersection next to the park entrance.
  • Like the idea that dogs be leashed when in the parking lot. Peer pressure works wonders. A gate is a costly partial solution, but if funds can be raised or the township agrees, go for it.
  • Wonderful work so far!!! Thanks to everybody!
  • This needs to get done, I would hate to see another dog lose its life because of improper fencing
  • Since Eliza is one of the worst offenders of running into the parking lot when other people are leaving, I fully support any solution that will keep her from running at full speed across the park and jumping into everyone’s cars. – Duncan
  • I keep tripping over poop. People with loose large dogs need to keep their eyes on them at all times and go to the poop and pick it up.
  • I’m glad you mentioned the importance of keeping all dogs on leash in the parking lot . So many near misses observed.
  • I think other areas in the park are also concern re: dogs’ safety.