What’s going on in the fenced area?

While we await the Township’s planned site preparation so we can begin our organic weed suppressant project (laying down newspaper and cardboard and then putting mulch over that), we are transplanting the emerging snowdrops and daffodils from the fenced area to the steep bank adjacent. This will brighten up that bank in future and save those plants from being smothered along with the garlic mustard and bishop’s weed that has taken over in there.

For the gardeners among you, the Ellens (that’s Ellen Reese and I) are planning on working on this project for an half an hour or so every day at around 4:00 til it’s done. If anyone wants to help, please let us know before you begin. You need to sign off on a Township waiver form before beginning work, and also bring your own spade or shovel and work gloves.

Ellen Briggs