2015 Donations

FOUR PAWS ($150 or more)Thank you clip art CanStock


Ellen Briggs

Fran Bryan

Ellen Reese and Gary Stein

Rebecca Wells
THREE PAWS (100-$149)

Elisa Abeloff and George Landau

Judy and Yair Argon

Mary and Iain Black

Erik Bronstein

Chris and Claire Bunting

John and Jessica Cassimatis

Karen Hinckley

Jay and Marya Margolis

Karl and Dori Middleman

Hazel Murphy

Craig Oliner

David  Preefer and Karen Zimmerman

Eileen Rosenau

Elaine Stern
TWO PAWS ($50-$99)

Janice Asher

Jill Cooper

Kristin and Scott Edwards

Bobby and Randi Harmelin

Michael and Selina  Hoessly

Beverly Keefer

Karyn Lush

Narberth Area Garden Club

Cary Sellers

Mark Singer and Barbara Podell

Jood Thompson
ONE PAW (up to $49)

Matthew and Heather Cosgrave

Karen Garbeil

Maddy and Steve Kessler

Martha Lombardo

Jeff Rudnick

Mandy Steier

Helene Feinberg Walker

Karen and Rick Wilson

Flaura Winston

Many thanks for all of your generous donations!