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2015 Projects

Progress! ¬†We are happy to report that our advocacy¬† with the Township for trail improvements¬†has resulted in a successful fix¬†to the (formerly) boggiest part of the trail. ¬†The Township installed two French drains and improved the trail with crushed stone and stone dust in response to request. ¬†This was our members’ number one wish according to the 2015 Member Survey, and so far the trail has been clean and dry through several major rain events. ¬†Thank you Dave DeAngelis and the Township crew!

Wildlife and Respite Garden.  Throughout 2015 volunteers continued to plant and maintain the Wildlife and Respite Garden.  This year we have added about 650 groundcover and other perennial plants.

Parking Lot.  We have had several meeting with the Township about parking lot improvements and Township crews have already implemented some of our requests:  first, a fence to keep cars from slipping over the streambank, and some asphalt near the entrance to smooth the ride into the lot.

As always,  if you have any additional project ideas please pass them on to anyone on the Steering Committee. garden boot clip art

2014 Projects

We have three projects for 2014

  • Some of our new beach sitting boulders on their first day on the job.

    Some of our new beach sitting boulders on their first day on the job.

    Beach Seating. Mission Accomplished!  We acquired five locally quarried Pennsylvania bluestone boulders with nice flat tops suitable for seating at the beach area where previously the only seating was plastic chairs donated by park users. The Township installed the boulders for us on June 27, 2014, just in time for the summer season.  

  • Path Improvement.¬†We have been communicating with the Township about the excessive muddiness of some areas of the path that circles the park. The Township understands the problem and has agreed to undertake improvements. They plan to use Parks & Rec funds for this. Since it was impossible to undertake the project this past winter due to the weather, the Township now plans to improve our trail sometime this summer. ¬†We will continue to monitor progress and advocate for this project.
  • Wildlife and Respite Garden. In the enclosed fenced area to the left of the path as you walk to the park from the parking lot, we are creating a combination wildlife habitat, garden, and retreat for park visitors who need temporary respite from exuberant dogs. The wildlife aspect of the garden will focus on habitat for butterflies and other pollinators and beneficial insects as well as birds. ¬†Here’s a link to view the site plan, designed by Cramer Design Associates:¬†WMC Park site plan. ¬†(Note: ¬†the current garden design is different because of some difficult and unexpected site conditions discovered while implementing the original plan.)

Most of our currently planned volunteer work days will focus on soil preparation, planting, and maintaining this garden, and we welcome one and all who want to help!

If you have ideas for additional projects, please send us an email or talk to anyone on the Steering Committee. FYI, so as not to spread ourselves too thin, we plan on starting new projects only when the current ones are done or well in hand. However we are very interested in your ideas for future projects, so please do share your ideas with us.