Organizational Supporters in 2014

The organizations that supported us during 2014, our first year in operation were:

Website Domain, Hosting, and Support donated by Jamie Markizon, Lola, and Strategic Marketing LLC

Strategic Marketing LLC is a full-service website design and internet marketing company with expertise focused specifically on professionals with practices. We employ talented and experienced web designers, writers, marketers, and customer service representatives so you can concentrate on your patients while we help to grow your practice.

The Friends of West Mill Creek Park Wildlife and Respite Garden was designed by Cramer Design Associates, which has also donated time and advice to implementation of the garden.

Our Friends of West Mill Creek Park logo design was created by Anna McNeary. Visit her website at

Many thanks to Ricklins Hardware of Narberth.  Ricklins broke down and transported a truckload of cardboard to the park for weed suppression in our Wildlife and Respite Garden, and has also provided advice regarding various other aspects of our projects.