Volunteer Information

May 2014--Ellen Reese works on weeding and digging out invasive vine roots

 Work days will be announced by email to the membership and listed in the Events section of our website.

Garden Maintenance.  If you are interested in joining us in routine garden maintenance, contact us to sign up for an email sub-group so you will be advised of days we will be doing routine weeding and planting.

Watering Volunteers:  In summer and fall, sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t take care of our plants the way she should, so annually we recruit a Watering Team.  In  Spring, we  send out an email to get a crew of people interested in volunteering to sign up for the Watering Team email list.  And of course, you can contact us any time if you’re interested in helping with the watering effort.  You will be added to our watering volunteer list at any time during the season!

Here’s our watering M.O. ::  We usually appoint a Watermeister to check the rain gauge, let the township know if our tank needs water, and determine when it is time to water.  If there’s a need for watering, we send out an email to everyone in the pool of Watering Team volunteers.  The first 4 people to respond each get assigned a quarter section of the garden. Each volunteer commits to water their section of the garden within a few days of their assignment.  It takes about half an hour to do the job (i.e. empty one quarter of the tank.)

Click this link for a map to remind you which section is your assigned quarter of the garden:    WMC Watering Zone Map